Heilongjiang Luzhidu Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.
Heilongjiang Luzhidu Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2012. Its headquarters is 72 Harbin Avenue, Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Its production base is located in Harbin Hi-tech Development Zone, Heilongjiang Province, China-Russia Industrial Cooperation Park. Is a professional engaged in cold Berry - Wild Blueberry series products of science and technology, production, sales and export trade, services as one of the whole industrial chain of science and technology innovation-oriented private enterprises. 

The company is composed of international high-end professional scientific research team, whose team is large and rigorous, skilled, and has enjoyed high reputation. 

LVZhidu Enterprise Culture
The company always upholds the enterprise spirit of "scientific and technological innovation, tracing the origin", with the aim of anti-oxidation and eliminating sub-health, using cold regions to optimize wild black berries as the main raw materials, using leading separation technology, fully retaining the highest purity and biological activity of extracts. In order to improve the development of the industry, the company has extended from simple rough processing of wild products to intensive processing and medical consortium, and gradually developed the "food-health-medicine" business.